Bob Schlegel on Oregon Art Beat

Bob Schlegel of Banks, Oregon is one of our newest artists in the gallery.  



About his work Bob tells us this:

The interaction of shape, contrast and line cause me to transform forms into images in paintings, collage and prints.  Of particular interest to me are structures that are juxtaposed into landscape.  I strive to create images that possess tension between the representational and the abstract. 

I paint in the studio and plein aire from preliminary sketches in charcoal, pencil and oil pastel and take reference photographs as necessary.  My finished paintings are in oils and acrylics on gesso prepared paper, panel and canvas.  I also create monotypes and images from cut paper and collage.  Drawing is the foundation for my work.  I am tenacious with the sketch whether it be life-drawing session or in the field.   I full journals with sketches and narrative from travels.  Through line, contrast, texture, color and composition I explore my responses to form and shape where things in the natural world and things that are made by man collide.  

Most recently I have been working on a series of assemblages resembling birds.  The texture and gesture captivate my imagination.

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