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Lewis Anderson accurately describes his art as being somewhere between photography and painting, somewhere between East and West, somewhere between contemporary and ancient. The images invite the viewer to explore quiet moments in diverse landscapes full of light and shadow and symbology.

    An ancient river winds through tall foreign mountains, full of soft golden light and blue fog. A single silhouetted figure in a small boat appears to be slowly rowing into the unknown in one of the three scroll-like panels of Boatman. This timeless image, like the others in Lewis Anderson's Dynasty collection, emanates a strong sense of peace, solitude and mystery. 

    Lewis suffered a life-threatening injury at the age of ten that caused an out-of-body experience. This rewrote his entire worldview, setting him on a lifelong quest for a deeper understanding than his family's cultural and religious traditions offered. The pursuit of experiential mysticism would eventually take him on multiple world tours with his Teacher as well as thirteen sojourns to the desert of Rajasthan, India for intense meditation retreats.  Today, as a daily mediator he finds the life of an artist to be a compatible occupation while pursuing his spiritual journey.