APRIL 22- MAY 31

Artists reception First Friday,
May 6,    5 - 8 p.m.

Birds fascinate us, enchant us, connect us to the natural world, remind us of our responsibility to the environment, and call us to action.  In our exhibition, For the Birds three artists interpret birds as subjects in very different ways.

Jhenna Quinn Lewis brings life to canvas with oil paint, exquisitely articulating small birds in juxtaposition with unexpected objects and backgrounds.  In this show, Jhenna combines Asian influences with some of her favorite birds.

Barbara Orsow’s fascination with birds in nature led her to use her camera to capture the mystery of their movement and her delight in the beauty of their details.

Claire Duncan paints the power and grace of large birds in acrylic.  Her paintings have a contemporary feel and attempt to deal with her own underlying artistic ideas: light and dark, the nature of color, the relationship of the artist to the world.



Greeley Wells :: Framed

figure drawings and video installation

March 29th - April 21st, 2016

Artist reception First Friday, April 1st 5 -8 p.m.

April 22nd - April 24th 

during A Taste of Ashland we will preview May's exhibit,

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Claire Duncan & Barbara Orsow 

:: For the Birds ::





Karen Staal

This selection of Karen Staal's paintings featured in the gallery throughout the month of March focuses on scenes of musicians. 

Staal specializes in oil paintings of the human figure. While her portrayals are somewhat realistic, they are also interpretive. Intentionally steering away from realism, Staal interprets intimate human scenes by creating new harmonies with line, shape and color. With strong compositions and careful attention given to space surrounding and between figures, the emotional impact of that figure, or relationship between figures in her paintings, is strong.

Karen holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and also earned a degree from the Kendall School of Design. She studied abstract painting at American University in Washington, D.C. and portrait painting at the Ridgewood Art Academy.

Karen's solo exhibits in the past have been theme-related. Work in Two or Three Dimensions focused on issues surrounding social justice. The Dance was a series of paintings depicting movement and energy. The life-size series, Simple Times, was based on photos of aunts and uncles who remained hopeful during World War II.